In 2007, the founders of PocketBook Company could not have imagined that after just a few years, their "brainchild" would become one of the world's top five manufacturers of electronic readers, taking the 4th position based on the production volume. But even back then, given the goal to create the best products for a better life, global success was the only acceptable outcome.

  • PocketBook 301
  • The first year of concentrated joint effort of software wizards from Netronix Inc resulted in the PocketBook 301 e-book, released in 2008. Inspired by the success of the first model, the experts at PocketBook released two more in 2009, focusing both on modifying the hardware and improving the unique software.


2009 was marked by the opening of two offices of PocketBook Company, in Russia and Germany respectively. Unique product features and high quality service enabled the company to quickly secure its position in the new markets.

  • The-eBook
  • In 2009, a dynamic community of the PocketBook brand’s users and fans emerged in the CIS’ biggest online portal dedicated to electronic books: The-ebook.org. Based on the wishes and suggestions of the community members, the new PocketBook 360° e-reader was created and remains popular to this day. Since then, the “online club” of PocketBook fans has been expanding every year.


In 2010, the company started developing and manufacturing multimedia devices running on the Android platform, starting with their PocketBook IQ 701.


In 2011, a prototype of the first E Ink device with a backlit color screen was presented at the CES expo in Las Vegas; its mass-produced incarnation appeared later. That same year, the company underwent several changes: obtained its “Swiss residence” and transitioned to its own, completely self-contained developing work. From that point on, manufacturing of these devices was transferred to a dedicated line at a Foxconn factory. Around the same time, the company opened its BookLand electronic content store, which currently offers more than 1.5 million titles in 17 languages.


In 2012, PocketBook Company launched two more devices: Basic New and PocketBook SURFpad. In addition, that same year, the new PocketBook Touch went on sale, equipped with a 6-inch multi-touch E Ink Pearl screen – the device that became the flagship item in the PocketBook line of products.

  • Red Dot Design Award
  • PocketBook A10”, presented in 2012, earned the company an important accolade: the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award.


In the spring of 2013, the company introduced a new line of premium products, one of whose highlights was the world's first color E Ink reader with backlight: PocketBook Colour Lux. The other devices released were PocketBook Touch Lux and the updated Android tablet SURFpad 2.

At the worldwide IFA exhibition in September 2013, which took place in Berlin, the company unveiled at once two unique devices: PocketBook CoverReader (an unparalleled flip cover e-reader for Samsung Galaxy S4 with integrated E Ink display) and PocketBook Basic Touch (the world's first e-reader with a capacitive multi-touch E Ink screen using the Film Touch technology.

  • ReadRate KidRead
  • In late 2013, the company launched two ambitious projects aimed at promoting reading: KidRead, an application that allows parents to supervise their child’s activity on mobile devices, as well as ReadRate.com, an advisory service for those who read.

Over the 9 years of its existence, PocketBook Company introduced more than 30 e-readers and multimedia reading devices to the world market and received over 10 international awards and prizes.

PocketBook Company will continue focusing on the development and creation of premium high-tech E Ink devices, so that users can continue deriving maximum enjoyment from their versatile and ergonomic devices.